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Are the adhesive project and building permit included in the house price?
The adhesive project of the house and the appliance of the building permit are not included in the house price, but are agreed on individually with every client.
Which are the packets I can choose from and what do they include?
We have currently only the price of the house box on our website. We offer also the possibility to order additional building works, for which we will set a separate quotation.
Does Majapood offer stonehouses?
Yes, according to the clients’ wishes, we can also build the house as a stonehouse. Price on negotiation.
What is the house box and what does it contain?
House box is a weatherproof packet and you can look up its content here.
Is it possible to buy only the house project?
Certainly, if you have found an appropriate project from among our houses, but wish to build yourself, then we can offer you a suitable project.
What is the price of the housebox, if the estate is located 150 km out of Tallinn?
The price of the house includes logistical costs estimated around 20 000 kr, depending on the location of the estate.
What are the possibilities for project changes?
The inner planning is open for all suggested changes, which doesn’t include lifting the load-bearing walls. The outer planning can also be changed, while considering restrictions of detail planning on available sidings and architectural demands.
Is it possible to add a garage or a car shed to the house?
Yes, the addition of a garage or a car shed is possible for the house.
What are the requested documents needed before applying for a building permit?
  • An extract of detail planning and/or the terms of projecting
  • A geodetic plan of the ground
  • Technical conditions of water – and house drain
  • Technical conditions of electrical equipment
  • A copy of a document confirming property rights of the land
  • A cadaster plan of the township

How long does it take for the housebox to be set up?
Depending on the location of the ground and the size and type of the house, the estimated time of the construction works is around 1-3 weeks.
Is it possible to buy a "turn-key" house?
Yes, it is. In order to form a quatation, we would need you to send us an e-mail with your exact requests.

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