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Majapood combines expertise in elementhousing with best housing sales professionals. Practice and experience from long years in business has built a foundation for a company that provides quality housing projects and construction.
The advantages of Majapood lie in its youthful and flexible approach. The variety of solutions is wide-ranging, starting from the factory-sets (where the heated housebox will be set up on the clients' ground) to "turn-key" solutions (foundation, housebox + roof including outer and inner refinement). The timely and fast conduction of the orders is our top priority. Domestic raw materials are preferred and only highest quality materials are used in the production process.
Currently, we offer 6 main projects, whereas new solutions will be launched in the near future. Meanwhile, project changes or special arrangements can be done to find the best solution. We also welcome clients who have already set up their own architectural dream house project.
Yours, Majapood

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